Bald Eagle

Flat Stanley Visits Alaska
By Stanley Lambchop

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Mt. McKinley, 20,320 feet, from Reflection Pond.

Climbing Mt. McKinley

Once I saw Mt. McKinley, I simply had to climb it. Miss Kitty said we would have to go back to Talkeetna, Alaska, because that is where all the Mt. McKinley climbing expeditions start. She said I would first need to get outfitted for a climb, as my summer clothes from Texas weren't warm enough. And she said I'd need a guide to climb the mountain and an air taxi to take me there.

I asked Miss Kitty to climb Mt. McKinley with me. "Don't be ridiculous," she said. "Cats don't climb mountains. Cats are smarter than that." When I persisted, she said, "Go kiss a moose." So I did.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
I got kissed by a moose in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
We shopped for supplies at the general store.

Parka & mukluks by Sharon Paul Nault
In my new parka and mukluks I was raring to go!

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Glacier, aerial view.

We flew over a long river of ice called a glacier to get to the place where we began our climb. We climbed up, up, up for days and I was beginning to think we would never get to the top. We finally made it to the top when the moon was full. It was very beautiful and we could see so far! (But not as far as Texas.)

Photo © Sharon Paul Nault
Flat Stanley on top of Mt. McKinley by moonlight.

Photo © Sharon Paul Nault
I saw a bald eagle on Mt. McKinley and I wanted to fly home.

My mountaineering guide sent a postcard to the lady who made my parka and mukluks. It said:

"I walked for days with Flat Stanley ... we struggled up Mt. McKinley. When we got to the top, Stanley went absolutely bananas! He saw an eagle up there! He came running over the top of the peak, acting like an eagle, and I honestly thought he might just fly off instead of hiking down."