Flat Stanley Visits Alaska
By Stanley Lambchop

Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off, Alaska State Fair

People bring their flowers and vegetables, and especially their giant cabbages, to the Alaska State Fair, to be judged. Some of the biggest cabbages are grown by kids! This year, the biggest cabbage (85 pounds!) was grown by the smallest competitor: Brenna Dinkel, age 8, who only weighs 60 pounds. Her cabbage was bigger than she is! Her 12-year-old cousin, Seth Dinkel, took second place this year. He said it was because a moose chomped on his cabbage -- so he named it "Survivor." Seth has won the blue ribbon other years. The first time he won, he was 8 years old.

Photos © Jerrianne Lowther
Seth Dinkel's cabbage, "Survivor," gets red ribbon; Brenna's "Thidwick" takes blue.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Pygmy goat kids play on Goat Mountain, Alaska State Fair.
(Not all Alaska kids are people!)

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Giant vegetables set new size records at Alaska's State Fair in 2005.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
But what's a guy supposed to do with a 942 lb. pumpkin?
(That's an Alaska record, not a world record. It would make a big pumpkin pie!)

This kitty jack o'lantern is more my size!
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